Explore Opportunities in Wyoming’s Small-Scale Nuclear Reactor Project

Feb 19, 2024 | Nuclear

We are excited to share an opportunity for you to be a part of Wyoming’s innovative energy future. The Wyoming Energy Authority (WEA) is collaborating with BWX Technologies, Inc., on a groundbreaking project to assess the feasibility of deploying small-scale nuclear reactors in Wyoming.

This project, funded by The State of Wyoming and the U.S. Department of Energy, aims to support Wyoming’s mining and extraction industries by providing carbon-free electricity and high-temperature process heat. As part of this initiative, BWXT will identify areas within the existing supply chain that could potentially contribute to reactor component manufacturing and support reactor deployment.

More information can be found in the PDF below, and event registration can be found using the QR code below. For questions, please contact us at Wyoming@BWXT.com. Together, we can drive innovation, create new opportunities, and contribute to a sustainable future for Wyoming.