Mindset Scorecard

Jul 29, 2022 | Featured, Resources

We perform best when we surround ourselves with those who have aligned mindsets. A lot of frustration and wasted time can occur when we’re not clear about which mindsets and the culture a team is striving for. This doesn’t make other mindsets bad or wrong, it just makes them potentially non-compatible. For example, a positive vs negative mindset, or an abundance vs scarcity mindset can be at odds with each other. However, I know very successful Entrepreneurs that nurture and feed both and think the other is crazy. They both work and can be successful when working together.

The Mindset Scorecard was created as a tool for people who would like to join the Wyoming’s Innovative Entrepreneurs group to assess their mindsets and better understand what will work best for this group as we work together to help each other as entrepreneurs and foster an environment where the state of Wyoming continues to prosper.

The higher the score, the more compatible you will be with a majority of the group. Filling out the scorecard can also help you understand if you are compatible and then decide if you want to join. You do not need to be high in every category; a variety of opinions and ways of looking at things can be powerful as well. After you fill out the scorecard and if you think you’ll be a good fit with this group’s mindset and culture, please join us as we work to grow and diversify our economy and Wyoming simultaneously.

After you’ve filled out the scorecard and believe you’ll be a good fit, please head over to our application and begin the process.