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Sep 6, 2022 | Resources, Featured

The Wyoming’s Innovative Entrepreneurs group was started back in June of 2021 when Bob Jensen of the Wyoming Alliance of Manufacturers arranged a meeting with Wyoming Governor, Mark Gordon, to discuss enhancing the growth and diversification of the Wyoming economy. Jensen inspires my passion for economic development and diversification in Wyoming.

I’ve spent the last 12 years with Jensen and government leaders thinking about and working on this issue and appreciate the relentless focus and efforts put forth. They do incredible work, but there is a key component typically missing, or at best, awkwardly engaged… the aggressive, innovative Entrepreneurs and Businesses leading the change.

Wyoming has a particular challenge keeping the ownership and headquarters of businesses that operate in Wyoming, based in Wyoming.  Many that engage with Wyoming keep their ownership and headquarters elsewhere. Out of this thought, the Wyoming’s Innovative Entrepreneurs Mission was born.

Our Mission: Wyoming’s Innovative Entrepreneurs exists to grow and diversify Wyoming’s economy by helping Wyoming Entrepreneurs think big and tap into information and resources that help them upgrade and accomplish their individual missions and increase their company’s longevity.

Some will point out other government funded and lead groups who network Entrepreneurs together that are well done but are not attracting Wyoming proven business leaders. Why is that? I think it could be because Wyoming Entrepreneurs are fiercely independent. They’re busy and naturally allergic to wasted time and resources, they’re frustrated by the slow speed of government vs. the accelerated speed of private business, and the value chains and reward systems are simply different. The most interesting idea, the Entrepreneur will spend a large percentage of their life leading and caring for the growth and diversification of their business.  That business has to match the entrepreneur’s unique abilities and passions to stand the test of time. By leveraging the idea that other entrepreneurs speak the same language and are like-minded, we can further our mission.

Private business engagement and leadership is a key to economic prosperity. Wyoming’s Innovative Entrepreneurs strives to be a gathering spot, a place to share mindsets and experiences, a venue for brainstorming and opportunity sharing for those like-minded entrepreneurial business leaders alongside other interested parties that can help them succeed.

The purpose of Wyoming’s Innovative Entrepreneurs is simple and powerful for all stakeholders…
  • Identify and connect like-minded, proven, deeply rooted, Entrepreneurs, government leaders, customers and vendors that will grow and diversify Wyoming owned and headquartered businesses.
  • Have a monthly TEAMS meeting where each person, that chooses to, can have ten minutes to share their goals, problems, ideas, and resources. People will connect with each other to strategically deploy resources and seize opportunities.
  • There are billions of dollars worth of opportunities coming to Wyoming. This tribe of like-minded trustworthy businesses and supportive economic leaders/Entrepreneurs will be organized and supported to engage and execute sustainable, profitable, growth, and diversification for their companies and the state of Wyoming.

My passion and unique abilities are centered in Advanced Manufacturing. Therefore, you’ll notice this is the topic I talk about and focus on.  That doesn’t mean I don’t value other business types. There are other Wyoming Innovative Entrepreneurs whose passions are in motels, hydrogen, earth works, lumber, etc. They are welcome to lead their areas of unique abilities, expertise, and passions within the Wyoming’s Innovative Entrepreneurs group. These mindsets, best practices, and resources cross over from one type of business to another. It’s powerful to network with people in other types of business, as well. I will be one of our leaders of Advanced Manufacturing and welcome you to passionately lead your area of expertise and unique abilities.

I am calling on all deeply rooted, proven, trustworthy, Wyoming Innovative Entrepreneurs that are interested in being part of our group. Reach out, we would love to connect with you.  If you’re curious about exactly what your mindset might be, check out our mindset scorecard and take part in the exercise.

Thank You,

Mike Wandler

President, L&H Industrial Inc.

Leader of Wyoming’s Innovative Entrepreneurs, focused on Advanced Manufacturing